Wireless Video Camera System

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Wireless Video Camera System

The RT Wave Wireless Elevator Video System is the first wireless video security system designed specifically for use with elevators. This unique product delivers real-time DVD-quality encrypted digital video at distances of up to 200 floors (far exceeding current requirements).

The RT Wave system features a preconfigured 802.11a plug-and-play design and requires absolutely no software setup or programming, greatly minimizing installation time.

The camera is mounted in any corner of the elevator cab and connected to a power source. The transmitter is usually mounted to the bottom of the cab (although it may be mounted on top of the cab with the receiver in the overhead depending on circumstances) with the power/signal cable routed to the camera and a second power source. Finally, the receiver is mounted in the pit and connected to a power source. Coax or UTP cable – also available from Lift Solutions Parts –can then be routed to a security monitoring area. (A hand-held monitor is recommended during installation for proper camera set-up.)

The operating frequency of the system is dual radio 5.725GHz – 5.875GHz @ 20 MHz bandwidth with automatic channel selection. This means that surrounding signals will never interfere with the system. The private SSID 64-bit encrypted data stream means your signals are safe from hackers.


• Tamper-proof corner mount Sony camera

• All-weather transmitter

• All-weather receiver

• Three power supplies

• Six antennas

• Two universal mounting brackets

• 25-foot video/power siamese cable

• Remote control

• Installation and operating instructions

• One-year warranty