Wired RTS

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Wired RTS

RTS system, including control unit, power supply, USB cable for PC connection, T-handle allen wrench (for attaching sensors to rope), six (6) sensors and hard-shell case.

The Micelect RTS (Rope Tensioning System) is a portable tool for quickly and accurately measuring the tension of elevator wire ropes. Rope tensions are quickly displayed on a backlit LCD screen. Operating the RTS is simple: Small sensors (six are included) are attached to each wire rope using the supplied T-handle allen wrench. USB cables connect the sensors to the RTS control unit which displays rope tension in real time, allowing the tensions to be adjusted. Additional sensors are available.

Pre- and post-adjustment values are stored in the RTS memory and can be downloaded to a PC for accurate record keeping.


• Portable

• Readout in both pounds and kilograms

• Accurate to within 3%

• Can measure up to 12 ropes at once with a maximum weight of 2200 lbs

• 1000 kg per rope

• Both graphic and numeric displays

• Fits 5/32 to 5/8 in

• 4 to 16 mm ropes

• Display languages include English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese

• Comes with all cables, T-handled allen wrench and a hard-shell case

• Six sensors are included, can handle as many as twelve

• Stores and downloads to PC pre- and post-tensioning values

• Low battery indicator

• Factory reset switch