Steel Core Combination Cable with Shielded Pairs

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Sold by the foot. If you would like multiple cuts, please select the number of cuts and select the number of feet you'd like each cut to be. Feel free to call us with any questions. 1.888.277.8310

Steel Core Combination Cable with Shielded Pairs

Sold by the foot.

Component Specifications:

Steel Central Support

Performed, flexible, low torsion, zinc-coated, steel wire rope meeting Military Specification MIL-W-83420, insulated with 60°C flame-retardant PVC and covered with a rayon or cotton braid. 

Stranded Conductors

Bunch-stranded bare soft drawn copper, insulated with 60° C colored, flame-retardant PVC complying with ANSI/ASTM, UL and CSA requirements and codes, identified by insulation color or a combination of insulation color and numerical markings appearing four times per foot. 

Shielded Pairs

Composed of insulated conductors, braided with 36 AWG bare copper for 85% coverage, and jacketed with 60° C colored, flame-retardant PVC.

Coax Cables

RG6/U style with 20 AWG stranded copper conductor and cellular polyethylene dielectric. The shield is tinned copper braid and overall aluminum foil. The jacket is flame-retardant PVC.

Jute Filler

Electrical-grade dry jute distributes interlayer pressure and reduces conductor friction. 


Strong, helically-wound synthetic fiber.


A rayon or cotton braid is applied with 95% coverage.


60° C PVC specifically compounded for flexibility and abrasion resistance, UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 flame rated through-out. Polyurethane (PUR) jackets are available upon request. 

UL listed, CSA certified, NEC/CEC compliant – LIFETIME WARRANTY