Seismic Sensor

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Seismic Sensor

The DRK-S701-ROHS EMD detects and measures seismic events and signals elevator controls to take appropriate action based on their magnitude. Properly installed, the EMD will detect a potentially dangerous seismic event and alert the controller to stop the car at the nearest floor to discharge the passengers. It can also be connected to the Draka Ring-on-a-String counterweight displacement sensor.

While the EMD is highly flexible and can be configured for various applications, its three main functions are to 1) detect a seismic event and trip a latching and non-latching relay (referenced as an Alarm Event Trigger), 2) detect an internal failure and trip a latching relay (referenced as a Trouble Event Trigger), and 3) detect an event from an auxiliary sensor and trip a latching relay (referenced as an Auxiliary Event Trigger).


• Economical and easy to install – Mount it, level it and turn it on

• Can also be custom programmed

• Auxiliary interface for counterweight displacement device

• Uses either 110/220VAC or 12/24VDC power

• Battery backup time approx. 18 hrs on 1 rechargeable battery and up to 36 hrs on two

• Troubleshoots itself and displays trouble codes

• Advanced dual-sensor technology prevents false alarms

• MRL safe – Remote reset and test eliminates hoistway visits


Evaluated in accordance with ANSI/ASME A17.1 2013-10-21 and A17.5 2011-03-01. Also evaluated in accordance with CAN/CSA B44, and B44.1. The EMD is CE and RoHS compliant.