Top Of Car Safety Rail

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Top of Car Safety Rail

TOC kits / conforms to ASME 17.1 specifications

BIG-TOC and LIL-TOC (Top Of Car) safety rail kits install on top of freight and passenger traction elevators to create a safer and more secure car-top environment for both people and their tools. These permanent guardrail kits are easy to install and quickly adjust to the required size.

They are adaptable to both front-opening and front-and-rear opening car types. All rails, bolts, nuts and hardware are included. The major siderail components come pre-assembled. Installation generally takes under an hour. The toe board is ordered separately and serves as an added measure to prevent the loss of tools and other important items.

Determining width and depth requirements for your TOC safety rail kit:

Width – The distance between the roller guide plates determines width, because the TOC side rails mount inside the roller guide plates.

Depth – Measure the inside car depth.

Height – Height is adjustable and is measured from the top of the car to the top handrail of the installed TOC safety rail kit.

NOTE: If clearance between the top of the car and the bottom of the crosshead is less than 18”, please call for assistance.

All listed toe boards are 4” height; 5” height available upon request.