Heavy Duty RTS Rope Tensioning System

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Heavy Duty RTS Rope Tensioning System


Heavy duty RTS system, including control unit, power supply, USB cable for PC connection, T-handle allen wrench (for attaching sensors to rope), six (6) sensors and hard-shell case. 

The heavy duty version of the RTS is for higher-capacity elevators with larger hoist ropes. It has all of the features of the standard RTS but with a sensor that fits 1/2 to 3/4 in • 13 to 20 mm ropes. Maximum weight per rope is 6600 lbs • 3000 kg. Spacers to fit the various rope diameters are included.


• Portable

• Readout in both pounds and kilograms

• Accurate to within 3%

• Can measure up to 12 ropes at once with a maximum weight of 6600 lbs • 3000 kg per rope

• Both graphic and numeric displays

• Fits 1/2 to 3/4 in

• 13 to 20 mm ropes

• Display languages include English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese

• Comes with all cables, T-handled allen wrench and a hard-shell case

• Six sensors are included, can handle as many as twelve

• Stores and downloads to PC pre- and post-tensioning values

• Low battery indicator

• Factory reset switch