Extra Wire Rope Sensor

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Extra Wire Rope Sensor

The Micelect wireless RTS RF does not require a physical connection between the sensors and the control unit. Rope tensions are displayed in real time on a backlit LCD screen. Operating range is 10 meters • 33 ft. Depending on the configuration, sensors fit rope sizes from 3/16 to 7/16 in • 4 to 11 mm and 1/2 to 3/4 in • 13 to 20 mm. Parts are included for both sizes.

Like the wired RTS, small rechargeable sensors (six are included in the basic kit) are attached to individual ropes using the supplied T-handle allen wrench. The sensors communicate with the control unit via radio and are accurate to within 5% of the actual load. Additional sensors are available. The control unit can receive signals from up to twelve sensors.

Pre- and post-adjustment values are stored in the RTS memory and can be downloaded to a PC for accurate record keeping.


• Fits 3/16 to 3/4 in

• 4 to 20 mm

• No wiring required

• Readout in both pounds and kilograms

• Accurate to within 5%

• Sensor maximum capacity is 6600 lbs

• 3000 kg