Acculube Rope Lubricator Kit

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The Acculube automatic rope lubricator/cleaner is a set-and-forget way of efficiently lubricating traction ropes for up to a year.

The unit is quickly and easily assembled in the machine room. Simply install it so that the brushes are in contact with the ropes, set the lubricators to the proper time setting for your application (one year for standard indoor elevators, six months for exterior or high-contaminant environments) and walk away knowing that your hoist ropes are being consistently treated and cleaned as the elevator operates.

The lubricator reservoirs come pre-filled with our specially-formulated DrakaLube™ rope treatment. Please note that if your ropes are dirty, there will be greasy residue at the unit for a short while as the Acculube unit does its job. DO NOT attempt to refill the canisters. Order new canisters from Lift Solutions Parts once depleted.


• Labor and time-saving way to keep ropes lubricated

• No oil spills or splashes in the machine room or the car

• Easy installation

• Constant, reliable lubricant application

• Ropes are continually cleaned by the brushes